Gavin Carruthers

Director – Funds Jersey

Gavin joined Vistra Jersey as Director – Funds in February 2017.  

Gavin has 15 years’ experience of working in both the onshore and offshore financial services industry. Prior to joining Vistra, Gavin worked at Intertrust (formerly Elian and Ogier) from 2006, and before that he worked for PwC in Edinburgh. 

Gavin’s current experience includes administration of real estate and private equity funds, and the administration of the provision of Operator Services to UK Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes in accordance with FCA requirements. He has also administered Jersey regulated funds and UK Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes, which are typically structured as Limited Partnerships and Unit Trusts. 

Gavin holds a BA in Business Studies with honours in Accounting and is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

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