Legal entity rationalisation and beyond: Optimising your organisation

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Legal entity rationalisation and beyond: Optimising your organisation

27 October 2020

Early this year, CFO Research and Vistra conducted a survey of over 200 CFOs and other finance executives from US$100 million-plus companies. The companies were primarily U.S.-based, but virtually all were multinational organisations. About 80 percent were…


Case Study: Clarivate and Vistra

22 October 2020

Clarivate is a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics support to its customers. Following a significant global acquisition, the company turned to Vistra to systematically manage its compliance risks for 98 entities in 43 different…

In the press

Jervis Smith, Vistra Luxembourg - Growing Vistas

22 October 2020

A keen cricketer in the past, Jervis Smith, Country Managing Director of Vistra Luxembourg strategises on how best to play the game, highlighting that teamwork is key to winning…


Chile adopts master file and local file requirements

13 October 2020

Chilean tax authorities recently adopted a three-tiered approach to transfer pricing documentation. Chile is one of the few Latin American countries — along with Colombia and Mexico — to adopt such an approach, which is fully consistent with the…


Investigating the Value Propositions of Fund Domiciles – Cayman and Singapore

29 October 2020

The recent introduction of the Singapore Variable Capital Company (the “VCC”) combined with the traditionally recognised and trusted Cayman Islands fund model options, Singapore and the Cayman Islands together facilitate significant and beneficial…