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We help businesses to grow responsibly and efficiently. Whether expanding abroad, hiring new people, or overseeing multi-entity operations, we work with corporate officers and senior managers to help them adapt to new challenges the right way, and maintain corporate reputation.

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We help businesses do better

As a global corporate service provider that has specialised in corporate governance, advisory and compliance for over 35 years, we know how to get the fundamentals done to help businesses thrive responsibly. 

How Vistra can help you deliver

By integrating professional expertise, proven processes, and adaptable digital tools into your business, we lighten your team’s administrative workload and increase its productivity – this gives you greater operational control across the whole business life cycle, allowing you to grow responsibly and efficiently.

A global network of corporate specialists
corporate services specialists
We have specialists in over 45 countries and every major market, ready to support your decisions, implement your strategy and reduce your risks.
Digital services designed for control
corporate services digital
Improve your oversight and insight, with a suite of apps that integrate with your platforms; consolidating all your obligations – from HR to compliance – in one place.
A skilled and dedicated relationship team
corporate services team
Get everything you need to know, before you know you need it, with a proactive support service. Our culture is solution-oriented and always-ready.

Why Vistra for global corporate services

45 +
80 +
20 %
of the Fortune Global 500
1 k+
scale up businesses supported
200 k
legal entities under our administration

Our corporate services

Grow with our global corporate expansion services

Manage your international expansion from set up to payroll with confidence, supported by a team of global expansion specialists and in-country experts. Our knowledge, experience and comprehensive service offering will help you navigate the complexities of operating abroad so you can execute your expansion with low risk and maximum efficiency.

  • Legal Entities Formation
  • Company Secretarial
  • Employer of Record (EOR)
  • HR Advisory
  • International Expansion Payroll
  • Directorship Services
  • Financial Statements & Reporting
  • Statutory Documents Maintenance
  • Tax Advisory
corporate services grow
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Accelerate with our corporate management services

Maximise operational efficiency across all your international entities, and accelerate your growth. Whether entering new countries, new regions, or expanding your business in-market, our global corporate services, and centralised reporting tools, will help connect and simplify all your operations, from tax to payroll. So you can scale up with greater compliance and control.

  • HR Advisory
  • Multi-country Payroll
  • Expat Payroll Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Cash Management & FX
  • Cloud-based Entity Management Software
corporate services accelerate
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Secure with our corporate governance services

Get IPO ready, streamline your global entity operations, and ensure your brand reputation with our experienced global entity governance team. Receive expert advice and implementation support to establish more efficient operating structures, improve your operational transparency, and reduce costs and risks across your group.

  • Global Entity Governance
  • Multi-Country Payroll
  • Workforce Restructuring Advice
  • Financial Statements and Reporting
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Entity Restructuring
  • Tax Efficient Entity Rationalisation
  • ESG
corporate services secure
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Transform with our corporate carve-out services

Reduce the complexity of asset carve-outs, and execute them faster, with a team that specialises in the jurisdictions you need most support. Whether divesting divisions or companies, or reforming your corporate structures – ensure all your operational requirements are met, and fully compliant, for a successful spin-off.

  • Global Entity Governance
  • Legal Entities Formation
  • Directorship Services
  • Financial Statements and Reporting Acquisitions & Divestments
  • Payroll
  • Employer of Record
  • Carve-out
  • International HR Operations
corporate services transform
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Ready to do business better? Try our corporate services team.

We’re behind our clients every step of the way

Whether innovating or collaborating, we always put our clients’ needs first to help ensure they continue building for a better world. That’s why 100 of the Fortune Global 500 choose to work with us.

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International expansion: A guide to setting up operations

Every international expansion is unique. Each organisation has its own goals and risk tolerances, and each country has its own tax, employment, immigration and other laws. Our guide will allow you to ask the right questions before you enter a new market, so you can minimise risks and optimise advantages.

corporate services IE guide
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