As your business seeks growth opportunities in new areas, you will face challenge and complexity. Rather than let them hold you back, work with a trusted partner to help you manage risk, deliver efficiencies and navigate through the different regulatory environments.

You will need to ensure that your many corporate entities are operating as efficiently as possible as your business expands and are in line with the complex and ever changing regulatory and statutory rules.

We are hands on problem solvers with deep expertise who use the latest technology to help efficiently grow, control, simplify and transact your business.

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Work is no longer confined to the four walls of an office.
Polish tax authorities have increasingly been focused on withholding taxes. In 2019, Poland adopted restrictive regulations regarding the application of withholding tax exemptions and reduced rates. Employers that don’t comply are subject to serious penalties. 
You provide the talent, we take responsibility for hiring, paying and managing them while ensuring you meet your tax and reporting obligations at the same time.
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