Tax planning checklist for multinational organisations

31 January 2024
Effective tax planning is essential to the health of any multinational organisation, and tax compliance is more important than ever.

Tax authorities everywhere are ramping up enforcement, updating existing tax rules and introducing new ones to promote transparency, account for the digital economy and ensure corporations pay their perceived fair share of taxes.

This checklist provides a summary of steps organisations should take to help ensure they minimise their tax risks when expanding and operating across borders. It provides a handy framework for implementing sound policies and procedures related to tax compliance and structuring. Taking these steps will put an organisation in a good position in the event of an audits or when investors perform due diligence.

Here’s what the checklist covers:

  • Permanent establishment risks and other core tax areas, such as tax treaty documentation, digital taxation and policy reviews.
  • Tax efficiency and entity management, including tax efficiency reviews, legal entity rationalisations and supply chain reviews.
  • Transfer pricing, including cross-border pricing assessments, benchmarking and intra-group financing.
  • Indirect tax, including registration reviews, tax gap reviews and supply chain analyses.
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