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Global business expansion

To make the most of today’s global economy you need to reduce risk and ensure that your global ventures are both compliant and operationally efficient. Speak to one of our expansion experts today for a free consultation.

We offer companies a range of services designed to help get their overseas operations up and running as quickly as possible and in full compliance with all regulations.

Speed is important to you. You are not interested in moving at a snail's pace while the competition moves forward. When you choose Vistra as your global business expansion partner, speed is something you will not have to worry about - we deliver international expansion help at the speed of modern business.

How do we do what we do? Through a combination of technology, local expertise, and years of experience working in more than forty-five jurisdictions. We tie everything together with maximum effort put forth on your behalf.

Your success is our success – contact us today.

Unlock global opportunity with us

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Where others see problems and challenges, we see opportunities to deploy cutting-edge solutions.

We approach every expansion project on a case-by-case basis, tailoring our solutions to cover nearly everything our clients might run into. From entity formation to local and regional regulations, our experts are fully prepared to act as global advisers. We are your eyes and ears for navigating the complexities of new jurisdictions.

International business expansion services

Entity Formation
Entity Formation
We help companies with expert advice and support in forming their international entities. We can help you choose the best type of entity in each jurisdiction, ensuring long-term success.
HR Services - EOR PEO
HR Services
Set up and optimise your global workforce with actionable advice, from pre-entity planning and recruitment guidance, to the development of employment contracts and policies. We also act as both an EOR and PEO, providing full HR services to clients.
Vistra can provide your company with a complete selection of tax and accounting services that protect the bottom line and ensure compliance. We handle everything from cash management to reporting.
Above and beyond accounting, companies expanding overseas face a litany of compliance issues. We are experts in local compliance in every jurisdiction in which we work. Partner with us and never worry about compliance again.

Ready to start expanding your business internationally?

OverseasConnect: Our cutting-edge technology

We fully support our clients with cutting-edge technology by way of our cloud based OverseasConnect solution. OverseasConnect brings together payroll, accounting, reporting, and compliance in a single, easy-to-use environment. Business administration could not be simpler.
Global Business Expansion - Vistra cloud software platform
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Resources designed for your success

We go the extra mile by offering you additional resources designed to help ensure your success.

Our innovative webinars keep you informed of all the latest news pertaining to your operations. Our video collection is designed to inform, inspire, and motivate. Finally, our library of text-based resources includes everything from business guides to helpful checklists.

International Expansion resources
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Case Study: Vistra cleans up and deregisters 40 acquired entities

Ivanti acquired software industry specialists Pulse Secure and MobileIron. Vistra’s tax advisory practice partnered with Ivanti to identify, clean up, deregister and rationalise surplus and duplicate global entities within the acquired groups.

Ivanti Entity Rationalisation Case Study
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Case Study: Vistra and ExaGrid

Vistra partnered with ExaGrid to guide their entrance and maintain their presence in multiple jurisdictions, providing advice and services for payroll, tax, HR, compliance, annual returns, company secretarial and more.

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Global business expansion does not have to be scary.

It also doesn't have to be slow and cumbersome. Contact us to get your overseas operations up and running quickly and in full compliance - we stand ready to help you embark on your future.

International expansion services

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