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Grow your business quickly (an international PEO service)


Hire anyone, anywhere… with confidence.

We believe that every firm should be able to expand overseas with speed and confidence. So, you provide the talent and we’re there to take on the responsibility of hiring and paying them while ensuring you meet your tax and reporting obligations at the same time.

Our simple, secure, cutting-edge technology and experienced Vistra local advisors will have you up and running in record time.

The result is a service that will save you time, money and effort and let you focus on making your expansion a success.

Some EOR providers will make you choose between expanding quickly and building a solid foundation for long-term growth. We believe in a different approach. With Vistra you leverage the market-specific knowledge of nearly 5000 employees, with EOR capabilities in over 85 countries across the globe. As your business grows and your requirements change and become more permanent, our expert advisors will work with you to ensure you continue to remain compliant with all relevant local regulations and legislation.

It all adds up to a better EOR service, one where our team helps you expand quickly and guides you throughout the entire lifecycle of your growing business. 

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How it works

• Provide the candidate
• Manage the day-to-day potential of your international talent

• Generates locally compliant contracts
• Manages the on-boarding and off-boarding process
• Manages all payroll administration
• Takes responsibility for compliance
• Provides ongoing support to you and the employee
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  • With EOR capabilities in over 85 countries and nearly 5000 employees across the globe, we hire employees on your behalf wherever you choose to operate.

  • We use locally compliant contracts and manage the whole employment process from hiring to payroll, benefits, tax and compliance.

  • The employment contract is between Vistra (the Employer of Record) and the employee, but you are responsible for managing the day-to-day potential of your international talent.

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At Vistra we believe you should be able to expand quickly and build for the long-term.


A global talent pool

You’ll have access to a world of opportunity when you use our Employer of Record service. If you already have great talent, you can use Employer of Record to take your staff abroad.

Everything required to get them up and running

Our experts will take care of everything, from hiring to setting up payroll.

Peace of mind

As the Employer of Record, we fulfil all your local compliance obligations for you.

Fast market entry

Your new hire can be ready to work in a matter of days.

Options to grow

If your new venture is successful, you can employ more people through our Employer of Record service or set up a legal entity of your own.

Flexibility to exit

If your plans change you can easily exit the market - there are no long term commitments.

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With Vistra you have all your expansion bases covered from Employer of Record to eventually, Permanent Establishment.

Why Vistra?

Global infrastructure, local expertise
• Nearly 5,000 colleagues in more than 45 countries.
• Integrated global network covering 85 countries.
• Dedicated advisory team to help build your business.
• Inclusive offering from EOR to Permanent Establishment.
Service excellence
• Dedicated onboarding.
• Efficient process.
• Secure, simple cutting-edge technology.
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Future-proof your business
As your business evolves in your new country of operation, you may incur additional risks. At Vistra, we provide the full range of international expansion services and advice, and can help you address these challenges. We’ll let you know all your risks and options, and can set up and manage a legal entity when an Employer of Record service is no longer right for you and your business.
A partner for success
At Vistra we've helped thousands of the best companies in the world expand and build their business overseas. We’ll be there to help you succeed.

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We’re here to guide you

Icon Global Advisory
Global advisory
Our advisors have experience in all areas of compliance, in all regions. We help you navigate the complexities of international expansion and operations.
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Entity formation and support
Grow your business with the support of our company formation experts. We’ll help you determine what type of entity to set up in each location so you can protect your organisation’s bottom line.
Icon HR
International HR
As you grow, we can help you establish and optimise your global workforce with pragmatic, actionable advice, from pre-entity planning and recruitment to employment contracts and policies and more.
Icon Tax and Accounting
Tax and accounting
Mitigate the risks of growing your business with our full range of tax and accounting services, including transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting, annual reporting and cash management. We can provide virtually any tax and accounting service and tailor it to your needs.
Icon Compliance
Trust our global network of compliance specialists to help set up and manage your statutory, regulatory and legal obligations in each country of operation, so you can grow your business and operate compliantly and efficiently.
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More ways to grow your business
Whether you’re considering expansion for the first time or already have an established presence abroad, our experts provide a uniquely broad range of customisable solutions to support you through each stage of your journey.
We believe your ideas can change the world. That’s why we’re here to help you expand into new markets and develop your business for the long-term.

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