We offer our services to a vast range of clients – from established groups spanning the globe, to smaller, dynamic start-ups. Yet one thing remains true for all, no matter the size – when it comes to legal matters, the details are critical. Here, the smallest mistakes can conspire to create great problems. ​

In order to ensure that doesn't happen to your business, we offer three key legal advisory services.​

Commercial and regulation

Our team of seasoned professionals will dedicate themselves to ensuring every single last comma of your documentation is correct. Whatever your budget or risk profile, our experienced solicitors will study your contracts to ensure the terms are in your best interest, and can negotiate for better if necessary, while anticipating and averting other contractual problems. ​

We apply the same rigour to establishing business agreements, terms and policies, including terms of sale or software licences. And we can advise on intellectual property protection, whether that’s due diligence during M&As or guiding tech start-ups. ​


Employment law can be a minefield for the uninitiated. You have to set bulletproof terms and contracts for employees, ensure you’re compliant with a vast range of statutes, and remain on the right side of workers’ rights – with different rules applying to different jurisdictions. ​

Our Employment law team is among the best in the world. We offer tailored support in everything from preparing executive contracts and service agreements, to controlling how your senior people deal with sensitive information about your operation – both during their tenure and after they leave. ​

Corporate and boards

Whether you’re a limited partnership or social enterprise, sole trader or expanding across the globe, getting the most appropriate structure in place from the outset will give your venture the best possible start.  ​

But life doesn’t stop there. You may soon be looking to reorganise your business or adjust your corporate group structure for cost management reasons, for succession planning or to generate more income. You may be involved in acquisitions and divestments, or rationalising your structure for greater efficiencies. Whatever the nature of the change, we have a team of highly qualified legal experts who’ll work with you to scope, analyse, plan and implement it. ​

We can also support your board. With increasing public scrutiny of corporate decisions, thorough reviews of your corporate governance are sensible. Whatever your need, we work within your time and budget constraints, with the flexibility to give as much legal advice and support as you require. And with the right structure in place, you’ll be free to prosper. ​

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