Entity Restructuring

Large corporate groups can become an unnecessary burden on management and the group companies within them. So by rationalising your group structure, you can cut costs, reduce management time, improve cash movements with your group, align the corporate structure with the group's operations, and improve and maintain high standards of corporate governance. ​

There are various points at which you may wish to make changes. It might be in the aftermath of an acquisition, or following a buy-and-build period, or ahead of refinancing or investment, redomiciliation or demerger. You may wish to restructure to de-risk or manage a known problem, by ringfencing toxic liabilities or assets, for example. It may be to satisfy corporate governance needs, or to meet changing legislation or regulation.  ​

Whatever your motivation, we can work with you to kick-start that change.​​

Our experts will help you scope, analyse, plan and implement changes. And we'll advise you every step of the way. If you're considering any kind of group rationalisation, contact one of our specialists to discuss. 

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Amid high inflation, rising interest rates, depressed assets and other economic challenges, multinational organisations are looking to cut costs, optimise tax positions, promote operational efficiencies and reduce compliance risks.
What you need to know about conducting a corporate group rationalisation.
CFO Research and Vistra conducted a survey of over 200 CFOs and other finance executives from US$100 million-plus companies. The companies were primarily U.S.-based, but virtually all were multinational organisations. About 80 percent were operating in at least three countries, and nine in 10 were engaged in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
The relocation of High Net Worth Individuals often presents a range of challenges and requires professional assistance to navigate the many aspects involved.

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