Board Effectiveness Reviews

Board Effectiveness Reviews

Today's shareholders and other stakeholders expect the highest standards of corporate governance from their businesses. And with increasing public scrutiny, thorough review of your company's corporate governance framework becomes fundamental. 

You need to optimise the effectiveness of your board members. There have been many high-profile examples of a company's corporate governance falling short of expectations. But establishing and maintaining these standards can be a drain on in-house resources. And various governance codes now a regular independent review. It requires specialist help. ​

Our experienced and versatile board advisory teams can act as the corporate secretariat division of your business, or become a physical& or virtual addition to your internal team. Our people are experts in corporate governance. We can deliver solutions designed to review the effectiveness of individual board members, while seeking feedback on what those members think works well and what doesn't. ​

Our teams will capture this detail through interviews, either in person or virtually. And we'll review your policies, procedures, terms of reference and other governance systems against the relevant Companies Act and Corporate Governance Codes, or other regulatory benchmark applicable to your company and sector. And our teams will provide you with meticulously researched recommendations and advice on best practice.​

Giving you full confidence to continue winning opportunities.

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As our global economy recovers, the companies that succeed will effectively lower their operational risks, and good governance helps pave the way.
Everyone agrees that sound corporate governance is essential to reducing corporate risk, but few people define “corporate governance” in precisely the same way, in part because the term encompasses so much.
Good corporate governance will ensure that the board of directors meet regularly, retain control over the business and are clear in the division of their responsibilities, as well as maintaining a system of risk management.
In the aftermath of headlines involving large corporate brands such as BHS, Sports Direct and HBOS it has never been more important to take a look at your corporate governance.
How do you go about making important business decisions? Are you relying mostly on your gut feeling, or dispassionate yet precise calculations?

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