Board Advisory

Our experienced teams of chartered secretaries and company secretarial experts are available to advise your Chair and CEO on best practice corporate governance – within the boardroom and beyond. ​​

Our teams can create and enhance your corporate governance and risk management frameworks, to help you mitigate your business risks and remain compliant. We can share best practice on a whole range of boardroom challenges and keep your executives alert to the  relevant application of constitutions, codes, regulation, listing rules, powers and procedures. ​

We can deliver a whole suite of solutions on a retainer or a project-by-project basis. That could include running a health check and gap analysis on your corporate governance, advising on your board and committee constitution and assisting with regulatory announcements. ​​

We can evaluate your board and review its effectiveness. We'll train your directors on statutory duties, and new directors as part of their induction. We can also draft sections of your annual report, strategic report or Chairperson’s script, and offer advice and guidance on the application of new corporate governance legislation, regulation and code.​

And that's just a small sample of what we can do for you. Whatever your governance needs, we can build a tailored solution that will empower your board to make better decisions. 

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Saudi Arabia now requires foreign companies to base their regional headquarters within the country to be eligible to bid on government contracts.
The rise of ESG, public demands for corporate transparency, new regulations and other factors have made sound corporate governance more important than ever for organisations looking to lower risk. Anyone developing a corporate governance strategy must understand the importance of directors, directors’ duties and responsibilities, and what makes a good director.
Environmental, social and governance issues have become a priority not just for investors, but also regulators. In recent years, the EU has focused on orienting private investments toward sustainable finance, beginning with taxonomy regulation to more clearly define sustainable activities. It’s also developing ecolabels for financial products and setting climate change benchmarks.
Good corporate governance ensures that an organisation’s board of directors meet regularly, retain control over the business and have clearly defined responsibilities. It also ensures a robust risk management system. Corporate governance is one of the cornerstones of any good business.
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