Melanie Fitzpatrick

Chief Purpose Officer

Melanie Fitzpatrick

Melanie (Mel) Fitzpatrick has joined Vistra as our new Group Chief Purpose Officer, based in Sydney, Australia. 

Mel is an experienced, global business leader and has worked in Private Equity for many years, helping lead significant transformations and global M&As, working across strategy, brand, marketing, culture, communication, talent and transformation. 

Before joining Vistra, Mel was Chief Strategy & People Officer at Ligentia, a global supply chain management company. Prior to this she was Chief People & Brand Officer at CPA Global where she worked with Simon, our Chief Executive Officer.  

Mel uses the power of talent – empowering people, building engagement and enabling innovation – to drive change, unlock value and deliver meaningful business outcomes. 

Her creativity, together with a positive mindset and an inclusive, transparent and collaborative style, has helped create purpose-driven, long-lasting change, with opportunities for personal growth and enduring relationships. 

Over the past few years, Mel has been focused on how organisations solve for the wicked problems they’re facing to be able to develop organisational fitness to create long-lasting, innovative business models, brands, and cultures. 

She believes in the importance of nutrition and exercise to personal wellbeing, with a particular interest in the impact on children’s education and learning. Her passion for cooking and baking is balanced with a love of running and skiing with her husband and son.

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