Simon Webster

Chief Executive Officer

Simon is our Chief Executive Officer, joining Vistra in November 2022.  

Simon believes in the power of a business to be a force for positive change. He sets the direction of the business, its vision, strategy and culture, inspiring people across the business to deliver for our clients. He aligns people to the organisation’s purpose to partner with clients as they pursue their growth ambitions.  

Simon leads our Executive Leadership Team – engaging stakeholders and overseeing delivery. Value creation across our stakeholder communities and helping our clients achieve their growth ambitions is a core focus of Simon’s leadership.

Before joining Vistra, Simon led CPA Global (now Clarivate) as Group CEO  - transforming from a single-product, 250-person organisation into the industry's indispensable platform for intellectual property, worth over $7 billion.  

Simon is a strong advocate of personal wellbeing across all aspects of life. He believes in the power of sleep, health, fitness, and happiness to drive both professional and personal achievement.  

Simon Webster - Vistra