Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe it’s good to support the growth of our communities and economies – so we do

At Vistra, we help make the world an easier and more accessible place to do business, thus facilitating economic growth to positively impact our society.  We believe that we have a positive role in economic progress, supporting entrepreneurial opportunities and facilitating global trade.  At a more local level, Vistra gives back to our local charity organisations by partnering with them on impactful initiatives. 

  • For our employees, it’s a way of giving back and engaging in our Community Investment Programme. Around the world, our employees volunteer time as well as raise funds for groups and organisations in their local communities. 
  • For our communities, it’s a way for Vistra to tangibly support them across three identified global themes: welfare of children, education and the environment.
  • For our clients, it’s a way to start their own philanthropic and charitable endeavours, while also taking their investments and their businesses across borders.
  • For our industry, it’s a way to highlight the positive role we all play in making it easier to do business across borders – and so grow economies.
  • For the environment, it’s a way of reducing our carbon footprint, and making the changes we need to become more sustainable.

All this is underpinned by our efforts to develop global best practices in compliance and corporate governance, so that businesses operate to the highest standard possible.


2018 Vistra Corporate Social Responsiblity Report

Seizing Opportunities for Our Communities

CSR in action

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