Debbie Wilmot

Director, Legal Services, Corporate & Private Clients

Debbie Wilmot

Debbie joined Vistra as Director of legal services for Vistra Legal (BVI) Limited. Her mandate in this capacity is to establish and manage the operations of Vistra Legal (BVI) Limited as a corporate law firm in the British Virgin Islands.

Throughout her career she has advised on a wide spectrum of issues relating to corporate finance and structuring for the purposes of estate planning, tax planning, joint ventures, investment, pooled investment and real estate development. Debbie also has considerable experience in the areas of corporate restructuring, trust and company administration, compliance and anti-money laundering.

With over seventeen years practice at the British Virgin Islands Bar and ten years prior experience working in the British Virgin Islands in the capacities of legal practitioner, corporate manager, corporate secretary and compliance officer, Debbie brings to Vistra a wealth of knowledge and experience bespoke to the offshore financial services industry.

Debbie is the co-founder and former Senior Partner of Wilmot Hogarth & Co., Attorneys-at-Law (Jamaica) and the founder and former Managing Partner of Lanx Lancis, Attorneys-at-Law (British Virgin Islands).

Prior to joining the Vistra Group, Debbie practised as a sole practitioner with Wilmot Law (Jamaica), a private law firm established by her in 2015.

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