Joachim Buchau

Managing Director IES, Cologne

Joachim Buchau

Joachim joined Vistra through the merger with optegra in 2017. He heads the International Expansion Services unit in Cologne with a primary focus on inbound business from the USA and Israel. 

Joachim embarked on his career at EY back in 1986 as a member of the audit team catering to international clients such as Coca Cola and Elf Aquitaine. After passing his German CTA examination in the early 90s, he moved to BDO and was later promoted as a partner. In addition to having overall responsibility for a number of large-scale group audits, including Balcke-Duerr and Honsel, he was involved in the training of young professionals in their loat the company´s training centre in Scharbeutz. Joachim moved to optegra in 2007 and was cofounder of the new optegra in 2009. he was able to bring his international experience into optegra, actively promote and develop the former NIS-Global network and expand optegra's international client base  - mainly through US and Israely sources. In the Vistra alliance Joachim remains committed to his networking and acquisition activities as an IES partner in Cologne.

Joachim has degree in economics from the University of Cologne as well as both German CTA and CPA qualifications.

His native language is German but he also speaks fluent business English and some French.

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