David Alejandro Buendia

Payroll Director

David Alejandro Buendia

David joined Vistra as Payroll Director in the Barcelona office in July 2022. He currently leads the Payroll Department in Spain.

David began his professional career in a textile company in 1998 where he performed different functions within the field of business administration for 10 years. He then worked in different companies during 3 years as a consultant and labour manager until 2012 when he joined ADP as a senior payroll technician. In 2014 he was promoted at ADP to a service manager role. In 2018 he became responsible for large ADP clients in Barcelona and in 2021 he was further promoted to Senior Manager responsible for the local services teams - before joining Vistra in July 2022.

David has a Labour Relations Degree from the University of Barcelona and Master's Degree in Human Resources Management and Administration from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). David's native languages are Catalan and Spanish, and he also speaks English.

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