SPAC and De-SPAC support services

The last few years have seen SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) emerge as an efficient way of bringing companies to public markets.  For growth companies and emerging businesses without easy access to private funding, SPACs can fill the gap and help finance their growth through public markets. 

The SPAC process, which spans multiple phases, goes beyond just attracting investors and finding the right investment opportunity; it also means meeting the strict regulatory requirements and subsequent operational obligations that must be fulfilled if you are to be successful in your planned execution.

These challenges, alongside the consideration of structure, where to list and execution markets, mean you need an experienced partner who understands them to support you at each step to ensure seamless execution of your SPAC lifecycle. 

That’s where we step in.

With our deep expertise and experience across corporate services, capital markets, private equity and company formation, we’re perfectly positioned to provide you with tailored solutions to set up entities, manage the escrow, carry out governance and compliance and then support your de-SPAC process and finally help you run your business for growth. 

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Essentially an IPO in reverse, SPACs are companies without operations that are listed on a stock exchange with the purpose of raising capital to acquire a target company that aligns with pre-defined investment criteria. Typically, a SPAC has two years to find a suitable target operating company, then effect a reverse takeover, after which the target company becomes a public company.

Truly global support, wherever your SPAC takes you

From Nasdaq to Euronext, Cayman Islands to Luxembourg and beyond. Whatever global stock exchange you choose to list your SPAC on and whichever country you require for associated entity set-up, we have best-in-class experts in multi-jurisdictional entity governance and operational support ready for you.

When you’re looking to do this across different listing and target markets, you need a detailed understanding of each jurisdiction in order to ensure you’re adhering to the country-specific requirements.  We have on-the-ground expertise in nearly 50 countries including the US, Netherlands, the UK, Luxembourg, Guernsey, BVI, Cayman and India (to name but a few) to support your SPAC lifecycle across multiple jurisdictions. 

Our services are geared to give confidence to you and your network of advisors through the SPAC and De-SPAC process to the highest standards, leaving you free to focus on delivering the maximum value to your stakeholders.  

Tailored support for your SPAC journey

We understand that time and certainty are of essence for all SPAC stakeholders. This is why we have designed a tailored proposition built around the four key-phases of a SPAC to accelerate your ambitions, beginning with your IPO through to De-SPACing and business growth. 

We’ve highlighted some key services we offer at each stage and you’ll find a more detailed view of the services we offer below.

SPAC Lifecycle phases



Services vary on a country-by-country basis and additional support may be provided on a localised basis – please contact our local offices to learn more.

Why Vistra?

200 K
Over 200k
legal entities set up
314 $
assets under administration
2 K
Over 2,000
structures managed
60 %
we work with
60% of the top PE firms
SPAC expertise
We’ve already supported a number of clients through their SPAC journey from PE sponsors launching SPACs to companies to exiting portfolio companies through a SPAC merger.
Full lifecycle
Whatever stage you are at in your SPAC journey we have solutions to help you accelerate your ambitions; from supporting your entity set up and optimisation through to governance and growth.
Present in all key administration centres associated with SPAC listings; Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, BVI, Netherlands, Luxembourg and more.
Tailored approach
Tailored approach
We work closely with you and your advisors to develop solutions and execution plans specific to your SPAC requirements including choice of listing, entity and structures depending on your situation and ambitions.
Total entity management
Total entity management
You’re in safe hands as we have over 200,000 legal entities set-up globally including SPVs where we manage their governance, local compliance and reporting requirements, end to end.
Global expertise
Global expertise
With nearly 5,000 dedicated colleagues located in nearly 50 countries across the world we have the on-the-ground knowledge and experience to support you in whatever market you’re targeting.


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