Vistra Corporate Law

Legal Training

Tailored training to ensure your executives and key employees understand their legal obligations as they relate to your business.

Do your employees know what they can legally say, do or promise? Do your directors know what they have power to do and what would be unlawful? 

Costly and damaging mistakes can be avoided by training the relevant employees on the applicable law. We can train your employees and directors in an engaging, understandable and commercial way to make sure they are aware of their legal obligations – delivered either face-to-face or through web-based solutions.

Every business is unique - we ensure that you receive training that is specifically designed for your business and the legal issues it faces, including: 

  • Competition law 
  • Data protection 
  • Anti-bribery 
  • Directors' duties 
  • Contract law for sales and/or buying teams

For a demonstration of the type of legal training we can provide, please contact us.

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