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Staff Handbooks

As an employer, it's important you provide an up-to-date, accessible handbook so employees know what's expected of them, what their rights are and where to turn if concerns arise. In turn, you as the employer have the comfort of knowing there's a procedure in place to deal with any issues that you may face.

A typical staff handbook could include 15 -25 policies depending on the type of company. It would include statutory policies that as an employer you need to evidence that you comply with, and those that are simply good practice to include.


  • Grievance
  • Disciplinary
  • Health and safety (if there are more than 10 employees)

Non-statutory, best practice:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • Equal opportunities
  • Family friendly policies

Good practice to ensure open, honest, and fair treatment of all staff:

  • Social media
  • Absence
  • Performance management
  • Flexible working
  • IT and communications
  • Smoking

We will work with you to create a staff handbook that is tailored to your individual company, your premises, the work that you do and the type of employees you have. We'll spend time (in person if that works best for you) finding out what you currently have in place, how it works and exactly what's important to you. This means that your staff handbook will focus on your priorities for your business and your staff, and then first draft will be closer to the final draft. It won't include policies you don't need so for example, we wouldn't include a policy on flexible/homeworking where staff are based onsite with set shifts. All handbooks can be prepared in your company house style so they're easy to adopt and fit with your company image.


Already have a staff handbook?
When was it last reviewed? In business, things change all the time so it might be that the way the company works has changed (perhaps a change in reporting or management approach). Similarly, employment law is fast-changing and complex with statutes regularly amended and newly decided cases almost every day. Best practice advice must constantly evolve alongside all of this. For example, you no doubt have a smoking policy but does it reference e-cigarettes? It should. Our service will assess how much needs changing from a legal perspective, and take account of what you want to change.

We can also help with:

  • Letter for staff to sign to confirm receipt of handbook
  • 1 page summary of key policies for display in workplace
  • Review and preparation of individual policies and procedures, either as standalone documents, or as part of staff handbook.

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