Vistra reveals the four trends that are changing consumer and investor demands Introducing Vistra Trends ’22

7 March 2022
Hong Kong, 7 March 2022 – Vistra, a leading provider of advisory and administrative support to fund, corporate, capital market and private wealth clients, reveals the four trends that are changing consumer and investor demands in “Vistra Trends '22”, an insightful collection of expert advice and forward looking views from the Vistra’s most experienced advisors.

Trends ’22 highlights four key themes affecting multinational businesses, investors and high-net-worth individuals. The themes recognise the increased importance of corporate responsibility and a shift from bottom-line-only corporate and investment strategies. The four themes are:


Compliance is cool: Forward-thinking organisations that positively embrace compliance as a differentiator will increase corporate valuations and get an edge on the competition.

Winning the talent race: In the global fight for talent, employees are the new bosses. Employers that don’t move quickly to improve work flexibility and benefits and provide an equitable work environment will be on the back foot.

Investing with purpose: 2022 is the year purpose-driven investing is put into practice. Investment firms must integrate environmental and social considerations into their strategies, from selecting acquisitions to measuring value enhancement and risk. They must also update their operations and platforms to meet the new demands.

Growing responsibly: The days of “move fast and break things” are over, and businesses must now address profitability and growing public demand for corporate responsibility. More than ever, consumers, regulators and business leaders are demanding that vendors are diverse and inclusive and follow ESG best practices.


“We are excited to share Vistra Trends ’22 with the industry. The global business and investment landscape is evolving quickly,” says William Douglas, Vistra’s chief commercial officer. “Consumers and investors are demanding corporate transparency and good governance, as well as sound ESG practices. If businesses and fund managers can demonstrate they embrace these principles now, they’ll be in a better position to achieve long-term success.”

Vistra’s Trends ’22 help organisations and high-net-worth individuals navigate this changing economic landscape by providing information on today’s best practices related to corporate governance, employee retention and engagement, purposeful investing and more.

To explore the trends and get more information on how Vistra can help you seize opportunity in 2022 and beyond, visit Vistra Trends '22.

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