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Vistra Trends '22

As you adjust your strategies for 2022, you’ll need to consider new and evolving compliance requirements, threats to your assets and reputation, and many other factors.

To help you make informed decisions, we surveyed our most experienced advisors — chartered accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and other certified professionals — and asked them to tell us which trends will affect our clients most in 2022.

Four key themes emerged from their responses, and all recognise the historic shift from bottom-line-only strategies to those that feature corporate responsibility. Business leaders and others are responding to regulators, investors and employees who are demanding transparency, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion in a way they never have before.

The shift is profoundly affecting corporate and investment strategies, tax structuring, employment practices and governance considerations — not to mention the face of corporate boardrooms.

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Explore the themes

Explore the themes below to get our experts’ views and download resources that can help you effectively navigate the changing global economy in 2022 and beyond.




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