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Theme 1: Compliance is cool

Organisations know they break rules at their peril, and the lessons of Wells Fargo, Volkswagen and others are powerful reminders.

But as authorities and the public demand corporate accountability, firms are waking up to the fact that investing in compliance will not only help them avoid fines, it will safeguard their brand, improve staff acquisition and retention, strengthen customer relationships and increase market share. Today’s chief compliance officers add as much value to an organisation as anyone else in the c-suite.

That’s right: Forward-thinking organisations that positively embrace compliance as a differentiator will increase corporate valuations and get an edge on the competition.

Stop reacting to regulatory changes and embrace compliance to strengthen your brand.



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To help you make informed decisions in 2022, we surveyed our most experienced advisors - chartered accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and other certified professionals - and asked them to tell us which trends will affect you most.

Four key themes are shaping 2022. They all centre on a historic shift from bottom-line-only strategies to those that focus on corporate responsibility. Is your business ready to respond to growing demand from regulators, investors and employees to be more transparent, sustainable, and diverse and inclusive?

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