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Theme 4: Growing responsibly

The days of  “move fast and break things” are over, and businesses must now address profitability and growing public demand for corporate responsibility.

More than ever, consumers, regulators and business leaders are demanding that vendors are diverse and inclusive and follow ESG best practices. In short, the c-suite is being challenged on all fronts to put responsibility at the heart of their businesses. Sound corporate governance is critical to developing effective strategies that can adapt to these demands.

And as supply chain risks and tax and other regulations evolve, growing organisations must review their existing global footprints and corporate structures to stay competitive. They must promote efficiencies while also ensuring transparency and economic substance in a regulatory environment and court of public opinion that has never been stricter.

From putting corporate governance into practice to ensuring your structures align with your strategies, our insights can help you take your quest for responsible growth further.
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To help you make informed decisions in 2022, we surveyed our most experienced advisors - chartered accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and other certified professionals - and asked them to tell us which trends will affect you most.

Four key themes are shaping 2022. They all centre on a historic shift from bottom-line-only strategies to those that focus on corporate responsibility. Is your business ready to respond to growing demand from regulators, investors and employees to be more transparent, sustainable, and diverse and inclusive?