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Theme 2: Winning the talent race

The future of work is now, and employees are taking charge.

In 2021, organisations confronted a transformed employment landscape. They struggled to understand and follow an array of tax, HR and immigration obligations. They also contended with changing customer demands and labour practices — such as heightened ESG expectations and the rise of gig workers — which created more operational complexity.

Welcome to 2022, which is no less complex or challenging. Employee shortages have hit multiple sectors, and the balance of power has shifted. In the global race for talent, employees are the new bosses. Employers that don’t move quickly to improve work flexibility and benefits and provide an equitable work environment will be on the back foot.

From helping your employees work wherever they want to giving them access to the right incentive plans, find out how you can win the war for talent.



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To help you make informed decisions in 2022, we surveyed our most experienced advisors - chartered accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and other certified professionals and asked them to tell us which trends will affect you most.

Four key themes are shaping 2022. They all centre on a historic shift from bottom-line-only strategies to those that focus on corporate responsibility. Is your business ready to respond to growing demand from regulators, investors and employees to be more transparent, sustainable, and diverse and inclusive?

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