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Theme 3: Investing with purpose

In 2022, private equity, venture capital and other firms must account for new and evolving standards and regulations related to ESG, diversity and inclusion, economic substance and more.

And regulators are not the only consideration. Limited partners and other investors are demanding bottom-line growth and social and environmental responsibility in their investments.

2022 is the year purpose-driven investing is put into practice. Investment firms must integrate environmental and social considerations into their strategies, from selecting acquisitions to measuring value enhancement and risk. They must also update their operations and platforms to meet the new demands. Firms that take these steps quickly and in line with best practices will set themselves up for years of enhanced performance.

From making a difference with your personal wealth to structuring your investment vehicles to reinforce their social goals, find out how you can put purpose into practice.



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To help you make informed decisions in 2022, we surveyed our most experienced advisors - chartered accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and other certified professionals - and asked them to tell us which trends will affect you most.

Four key themes are shaping 2022. They all centre on a historic shift from bottom-line-only strategies to those that focus on corporate responsibility. Is your business ready to respond to growing demand from regulators, investors and employees to be more transparent, sustainable, and diverse and inclusive?

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