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Vistra is an experienced Process Agent with a dedicated department

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A Process Agent (or Agent for Service of Legal Process) provides an address on which court papers can be served.  We offer an international round-the-clock process agent service for handling and forwarding legal papers to a registered office. 

The Process Agent service is much more than just a mail forwarding facility: if your agent failed to pass on notices this could carry significant legal ramifications for your business. We have implemented a range of measures to ensure notices are properly served, with software developed specifically for the Process Agent service, and a dedicated Process Agent department. 

When you appoint Vistra as your Process Agent or Agent for Service of Legal Process (ASLP), you can rest assured that any legal notices your business is served will be handled quickly, professionally and with the minimum of fuss. 

Process Agent appointment letter

A Process Agent letter is a document which confirms the relationship between the appointing party and the Process Agent. The letter is evidence which can be provided to the other contracting parties which stipulates the names of the Process Agent and appointing party, the address to which notice can be served and the legal documents to which the Process Agent has agreed to act upon. The Process Agent appointment letter is therefore an essential document that is often required prior to the execution of legal documents.

The dedicated Process Agent Team at Vistra produces appointment letters as part of our Process Agent Service. We will send both electronic copies and hard copies to ensure that the signing of legal documents is not delayed.

Our same day service, flexible packages and payment options ensure you get the most cost-effective solution. Let us take care of everything from simple appointment letters to ensuring that any notices are guaranteed to reach you – fast.

For further information or to place an order, please contact Kathryn Lyndoe, Process Agent Coordinator at or call +44 (0)117 918 1389.

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