Application Form - Process agent

Process Agent (UK)

Order Form & Fee Schedule

Please use this form to place an order. For general Process Agent enquiries please contact us here.


1. Appointer details

Please provide details of the party to the legal document to whom the service is provided. For a company, provide full company name. For an individual, please provide full name and title

Are you completing this form on behalf of someone else?


2. Contact details (for the provision of the service)

Provide details of the person who we should contact if notices are received.

Full details are required and must be kept updated in order to avoid potential delays in the event that a notice is received.

How may we contact you? (select all that apply)


If any contract details change whilst this process agent facility is active, please notify us immediately so that our records are correctly maintained at all times, quoting the contract reference number provided on the confirmation letter.


3. Invoicing Party

Please advise which party should be invoiced and provide a VAT number if available (UK / EU parties only)

NB - The invoicing Party will be the party to the contract with us and will be responsible for acceptance of our terms and conditions at section 9.

Advise which party should be invoiced
Important message – Please ensure your own reference is inserted here, this will show on your VAT invoice.


4. Legal documents
Each additional legal document attracts a fee. Please refer to our basis of charging section.

Please note: For our irrevocable service, any additional agreements added at a later date, i.e. after the initial facility has been set up, will be charged as a new facility and a new order form will need to be submitted.

5. The type of service you require:
The types of service you require

6. Arbitration

7. Production of confirmation letter

(Sameday Service is only available when order is received before 14:00 UK time. Additional fee applies - please see basis of charging - Additional Fees.)

8. Basis of charging

We will charge our costs of administration where the application form has been completed and signed by the parties but you have terminated our appointment within 15 calendar days in accordance with clause 10.

Fee scale - Early termination:

£100 + Vat or 10% of our standard fee + VAT for the provision of the full annual or fixed period service (as the case may be), whichever is the greater.

Fee scale - Annual service:

£600 + VAT per annum for 1-3 Legal Documents. Additional legal documents, please refer to fee schedule below:

Fee scale - Fixed period service

No. of documents Length of specified term
  1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years
1 to 3 £600 £700 £800 £900 £1,000 £1,100
4 £680 £780 £880 £980 £1,080 £1,180
5 £760 £860 £960 £1,060 £1,160 £1,260
6 £840 £940 £1,040 £1,140 £1,240 POA
7 £920 £1,020 £1,120 £1,220 POA POA
8 £1,000 £1,100 £1,200 POA POA POA
9 £1,080 £1,180 £1,280 POA POA POA
10 £1,160 £1,260 POA POA POA POA

For those fees not listed, including appointments for periods over 6 years or with more than 10 legal documents, please contact Vistra.

Additional Fees

Our fee includes the appointment of one contact within the appointing organisation. For each additional contact or contact address add: £50 + VAT
Our fee includes one confirmation letter of our appointment. For each additional confirmation add: £100 + VAT
Our fee includes standard production of the confirmation letter in 2-3 working days. For sameday turnaround add: £200 + VAT
Production of bespoke confirmation letter From £100 + VAT
Amendment Fee £100 + VAT


The fees to act in respect of arbitration proceedings in relation to the same agreements will be charged at the full Agent for Service of Legal Process rate i.e. £600 + VAT per annum for 1-3 Legal Documents. The same fee will also apply for the fixed arbitration facility as listed for the Process Agent Service. The fees to act in respect of both arbitration proceedings and legal proceedings will be charged on a bespoke basis. Please contact Vistra for a quote.

All quoted fees are net of VAT. Please ensure that you add VAT to the quoted fees. The UK VAT rate is 20%.

9. Acceptance

These particulars together with the annexed terms and conditions will constitute the contractual terms subject to which we will act as your agent for the service of proceedings issued out of the Courts of England in respect of each of the Agreements listed above and for the duration specified above.

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