Loan Agency

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We offer a range of services to issuers, lenders and investors in the syndicated loans and credit markets.​

Through our Loan Agency services, we can act as a neutral third-party administrator between the borrower and its lenders, supporting at various stage of the deal. We're well positioned to service a wide range of loan financings, including bilateral loans, syndicated facilities, private placements and loan notes.​

We regularly assume the following roles and responsibilities:​

  • Facility/administrative agent​
  • Collateral agent​
  • Account bank operator​
  • Calculation agent ​

We'll help borrowers manage their cash flow, hold collateral and facilitate communication with lenders. We also help lenders control their costs, avoid potential conflict of interests, and maximise operational efficiency through economies of scale, by taking on activities that those lenders would have otherwise done themselves. 

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