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When your operations grow and you need to employ local  staff, new challenges can arise. Hiring local employees can be complicated, particularly in jurisdictions where Clients are not familiar with local employment regulations. Vistra Hungary can handle payroll and other staffing issues for you freeing you to focus on growing your business. If needed, we can review the management systems already in place and work alongside your team to handle local staffing.

Payroll  Hungary and human resources services include the following elements which may be customised to your Company’s needs:

  • Registration/actualisation of employees/contractors data at the Social Security Offices;
  • Processing  of  payroll  information,  calculation  of  staff  remuneration  upon  receipt  of  data  (including  bonus  systems,  fringe  benefits,  overtime  based  on  complete  and  accurate  work time evidence);
  • Calculations relating to absences for holidays, sick leave;
  • Calculation of civil contracts, as well as remuneration of Board Members by resolution;
  • Preparation of coded salary e-pay slips;
  • Preparation of payment details of salaries in form of an electronic file to be uploaded to your company’s e-banking system;
  • Preparation of spreadsheets for the interface of your company ’s accounting software in the provided format;
  • Preparation of payment details to the local authorities;
  • Preparation and e-submission of monthly social security returns;
  • Preparation and e-submission of your company's annual tax returns;
  • Preparation of specific benefits documents for the local authorities;
  • Maintenance of personnel files and personnel documents of your company's employees/contractors;
  • Preparation of work service certificates;
  • Notification to employees about obligations for initial, cyclical and control medical checks and issuance of medical referrals;
  • Calculation of individual holiday entitlement for all employees.

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