Multi-country payroll: How to create efficiencies through outsourcing

23 May 2024
Managing payroll across jurisdictions is challenging for any multinational organisation, and it only gets more difficult as an organisation grows.


Not only is managing various local payroll providers costly and burdensome, HR and other experts must account for country-specific compliance obligations, different currencies and time zones, and more.

At some point in a company’s growth cycle, leadership will look to a global payroll provider to simplify the process. But just as not all global payroll providers and platforms are created equal, there are different strategies to implementing and maintaining a global payroll solution.

In this webinar, Vistra payroll experts explore the intricacies of payroll management and discuss various outsourcing models and related benefits and risks. Here’s some of what they’ll cover:

  • The challenges of multi-country payroll, including country-specific examples
  • The primary multi-country payroll outsourcing models, including the full aggregator model and third-party network management
  • A comparative analysis of outsourcing models and their effects on key functional areas, including onboarding, system integration and customer service
  • Case studies: Real life examples of global payroll implementation
  • Questions and answers
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