Global payroll, delivered with confidence

Managing payroll on an international scale requires a tremendous amount of knowledge along with experience in each jurisdiction.

It can be complicated and difficult for organisations to get right. Vistra global payroll services eliminates that complexity.

Find out how we can simplify your payroll. No obligation.

Global payroll software

Why choose Vistra’s global payroll services

Your multinational employees paid on time, every time.
We employ payroll experts around the world. Local expertise makes all the difference.
International Payroll - accuracy
Our knowledge and expertise will improve payroll accuracy meaning fewer mistakes that could lead to compliance problems.
International Payroll Expertise
Your multinational employees deserve to be paid on time, every time. We make sure that happens.
Our cloud-based technology brings automation and tight control to international payroll
We offer a cloud-based middleware solution that brings automation and tight control to international payroll. Managing payroll becomes more efficient while errors are reduced.
Integrate with leading Human capital management (HCM) systems
Vistra global payroll services integrate seamlessly with leading HCM systems. We get rid of the friction to make managing payroll easier.

Make your global payroll better by consolidating local payroll operations

  • Work with one solution across your entire footprint removing the need for multiple requests for information and updates to different sources
  • Be sure you have one secure payroll platform, one process and even a dedicated payroll team working for you
  • Get a holistic view and approach to your international payroll that empowers you to run payroll with confidence
  • Combine state-of-the-art API technology with local payroll experts who live and work in the jurisdictions where you operate
Better global payroll

Our payroll solution adapts as your business changes and grows

  • When your business changes or grows we make adapting your payroll even easier. With each new country you expand to we can set up a new payroll.
  • No need to search for a new payroll partner. Just access Vistra global payroll services and we will set up the new market for you quickly and effectively.
  • With payroll experts on the ground, we can provide advice on the country you are expanding into to ensure you stay compliant.
  • Our scalable platform and our jurisdictional expertise give you a payroll management solution that will save your company time, reduce your operational expenses, and improve accuracy and compliance – no matter how your business grows or changes.
When your business changes or grows we make adapting your payroll easy

Global payroll software customised for you

Every business is different, so we offer our global payroll clients a choice in how they want to work with us —  Your payroll office’ or ‘Our payroll technology’ 

Your payroll office
Our payroll technology
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