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Behind every successful organisation is a smooth and efficient support function and it is no different for a family enterprise.

This can range from the physical management of assets, such as a property portfolio, art collection or a yacht, to financial accounting and reporting. In addition to our own network of professionals, we work with a range of specialists to access suitable solutions for almost any situation.

Some of the main areas we cover include:

Accounting & Finance: bookkeeping, account preparation and payroll services as well as the production of financial accounts and management reports.

Risk Management: working alongside external specialists to ensure your assets are protected and risks assessed and mitigated.

Insurance: engaging specialist brokers to analyse requirements and seek optimal cover for any risk, including using captive insurance solutions.

Physical Asset Management: such as property management, whether your own residence or a portfolio investment, or luxury assets such as wine, art and cars.

Marine & Aviation: assisting in every aspect of yacht/plane ownership including registration, structuring, crew management, financing and leasing.

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