Incorporation & Establishment

Post Incorporation services

Our team of technical experts are familiar with the ever changing regulatory environment and can help ensure clients are always aware of these changes.

Amendments to memorandum and articles

Vistra’s technical expertise and attention to detail will help ensure all memorandum and articles are reviewed and amended to suit client’s needs, whilst keeping in line with regulations. Once amendments are made, Vistra can organise the filing of resolutions with the regulatory board.

Issuance of certificates, and company/litigation search

It is easy for clients to get lost in paperwork if they are not familiar with the process, so to make this easier for clients, the Vistra team can work with various regulatory boards to confirm the status of a company and therefore provide the necessary documentation to other government organisations.

Restoration or striking-off of companies

We understand that with the changing market there may be occasions when a company may not be at the end of its life cycle but dormancy may need to be arranged, or alternatively a client may be in the position to restore an existing company. Vistra are prepared for clients in both situations and can ensure that the proper processes are followed in every scenario.

Notarisation, apostille, and legalisation

Post incorporation, documents may need to be notarised, apostilled or legalised to evidence their legitimacy.

We can arrange the legalisation of documents and provide other consular services in London for clients.

Legalisation & Apostille Services

Registration of charges and discharges

During the course of operations, entities may need to raise money and as a result may need to loan from a bank or other institutions. It is quite common for charges as well as discharges to be registered with the jurisdictions regulatory board within a certain time period. Our team will handle registration to ensure that it is completed on time to guarantee that the company is in compliance with applicable laws.

Up-to-date statutory compliance

Vistra will continue to take a pro-active approach in notifying our clients of any regulatory changes, and ensure that all legal obligations are being fulfilled.


At a certain point companies sometimes come to the end of their life cycle, this could be for a variety of reasons, perhaps a client is merging a business, or looking to streamline a structure. Vistra will ensure that clients are supported throughout the process so that all mandatory steps are followed.

For incorporations within major jurisdictions, including the BVI, Cayman Islands, and Seychelles, among others, we offer a dedicated online portal for clients to manage their companies incorporated worldwide.  The portal allows secure, 24/7 access to a range of key benefits: renew companies online, manage payments and pay online, conduct name checks and get instant results on availability, buy or reserve companies in real time, download documents including Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association, and order a range of technical documents or services anytime. Click here to visit the portal.

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