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Anti-Money Laundering

Vistra’s comprehensive Anti Money Laundering (AML) solutions encompass AML checks for UK Companies and Individuals, including global monitoring for PEPs and Sanctions.

Our AML tools will help ensure you never miss another critical client development again. Our AML services are designed and regularly revised by trusted solicitors and accountants to ensure compliance with the latest regulations, helping you to recognise and prevent money laundering.

We understand the unique requirements of all of our clients which is why we developed our dedicated online ID & Fraud checking system. Our company checks mean you stay compliant with an integrated solution, giving you the most up to date risk assessment coupled with the latest detailed financial information.

For property developers and estate agents simplified client due diligence is no longer applicable in most circumstances and firms are required to complete more in-depth ID verification, including global/domestic politically exposed persons (PEP) check. 

Never miss an important client development with Vistra Global Monitoring - a secure, uncomplicated and user-friendly system that allows for professional organisations to automatically screen their individual and corporate/business clients on a daily basis.

Our AML eLearning course has been designed to give professionals and members of staff a thorough understanding of what money laundering is, how it's done, and the steps that can be taken to help prevent it.

AML Checks for Companies

AML Checks for Individuals

AML eLearning Course

AML for Property Developers and Estate Agents

Global Monitoring PEPs and Sanctions

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