Anti-Money Laundering

Global Monitoring PEPs and Sanctions

Global Monitoring for your complete confidence: never miss an important client or business development again - with Vistra Global Monitoring.

Our intelligent online system tracks over 30,000 data sources from all over the world to make sure you're always informed if your clients' circumstances change.

Vistra Global Monitoring is a secure, uncomplicated and user-friendly system that allows for professional organisations to automatically screen their individual and corporate/business clients on a daily basis.

Keeping you updated

The intuitive online system will keep you continually informed of any critical changes in your clients' circumstances, including:

  • Insolvency
  • Adverse publicity
  • Registered death (UK only)
  • PEP
  • Current Sanctions updates
  • Financial regulator changes
  • Law enforcement notices
  • Disqualified directorships
  • Charities Commission (UK only)

The solution is fast and accurate and requires no IT integration. Plus, all Vistra’s systems including AML UK/International Verification, Company, PSC and Shareholder data seamlessly interlink through our trusted e-verification platform.

Client data can be entered either individually or by batch into the monitoring system and then matched against the relevant data sources.

You will receive verified, daily updates and each can be accessed instantly. For your added protection, the updates will be date-and-time stamped to create an audit trail that proves due diligence has been performed.

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Vistra AML Global Monitor

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