Vistra uses Eleven to bring next generation technology to Fund Services and Investor Relations

13 December 2021
With the launch of VFunds 2.0, Vistra is leading the shift towards a digital evolution of its industry.

Vistra announced today that it is making a global transformation to the future of investor relations and fund services technology, which is centred on maximizing investor experience, enhancing efficiency, and helping clients grow. 

Vistra launches their new investor servicing portal, VFunds 2.0, which is powered by Eleven, and enters the next wave of their digital transition for fund administration clients. This launch includes the seamless migration of Vistra’s entire U.S. business to VFunds 2.0. This is an exciting development following Vistra’s initial foray into this space back in early 2020 when they first launched their client-facing fund administration global technology, VFunds.

Vistra is now rolling out VFunds 2.0 to clients around the world, with a goal of obtaining a single, best-in-class solution for the whole of Vistra that fully supports all offices and all clients across all geographies. 

Scott Kraemer, Managing Director for Alternative Investments in North America, Vistra said, “With our U.S. business now on VFunds 2.0, we are excited to bring this state-of-the-art, secure online portal to Europe and Asia where the take up of online portals and mitigation of emails in the fund administration space are not nearly as prevalent.” 

The current rollout of VFunds 2.0 focuses on Eleven’s document management system. It brings Vistra’s Investor Relations teams new capabilities to easily and accurately deliver investment documents and communications to investors inside each client’s own branded, interactive online environment. It simultaneously enables investor contacts to easily access the documents they need and across multiple investments.

Kamran Nobari, Director of Technology, Digital Experience, Vistra said, “This migration with Eleven has been extraordinary, and is an important step in Vistra’s global digital agenda. We are already starting to explore Eleven’s industry-leading electronic transaction capabilities, as well as other extensions and collaborations to enable Vistra’s clients to save time and do more. The feedback from our clients so far has been overwhelmingly positive!” 

As part of the initial launch, Vistra worked closely with Eleven to innovate, design, build, test and introduce new functionality, which is now also available to all fund administrator and fund manager users of Eleven, including:   

  • Next-level user role management - Super administrator users now have robust controls for assigning clients to users and determining which actions users within groups can take
  • “Kickoffs” - A new application for fund managers and fund administrators to securely and seamlessly launch, review, track and approve events, like Capital Call notices and K-1 distributions, and communicate in their account instead of by email
  • API connectivity - Data between fund accounting systems and Eleven can now seamlessly, accurately, and automatically connect
  • OKTA integration - Eleven now has single sign-on support with multi-factor authentication through OKTA, a market leading identity and access management solution used globally by Vistra

Eric Slaim, founder and CEO of Eleven added, “It has been truly exciting to help such a forward-thinking firm take a leadership role in technology to deliver unrivalled value to their clients. I cannot wait to continue our work with Vistra’s highly collaborative and visionary team and see Vistra and their clients get ahead as they migrate to a more digital and connected future.”

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