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VFunds is a dedicated platform for fund managers, investors, and related parties (e.g. auditors and tax advisors), providing all of the information they need to seize opportunity and effectively manage their fund in a fast, efficient and transparent way. The fully integrated digital platform hosts interactive business intelligence dashboards, dynamic workflows and reporting capabilities designed for the funds market, streamlined and visualised for quick and simple consumption.  

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What we deliver


Data visualisations and filters enable you to easily view, download and analyse the data in any way that is relevant to your role and workflow tools to smooth procedures.


Access to all of your key fund and investor data.

Flexibility & Security

As VFunds is available on a secure application, you can access VFunds from anywhere, on any device or browser. Single sign-on access and multi-factor authentication to keep your data secure.

Reduced risk

Send and receive investor documents via the secure platform with audit trails of activity.

Streamlined onboarding

VFunds transforms onboarding into a streamlined web experience for investors.


As a fund manager, you receive the same experience as your investors – you can work collaboratively with your investors by using the same data in the same format.