Vistra launches multi-disciplinary advisory programme ‘Act. Recover. Thrive’

16 June 2020
Helping businesses, funds and investors navigate through disruption in a challenging economic environment so they build greater resilience during times of crisis.

Vistra today launched the ‘Act. Recover. Thrive.’ programme to help businesses address economic, operational and regulatory challenges arising from the current widespread market uncertainty.

Through an integrated three-phased approach, Vistra helps businesses navigate through this disruption by strengthening and rebuilding operations and finance; and helping to create competitive advantage for the upturn.

‘Act. Recover. Thrive.’ harnesses the collective power of multi-jurisdictional strategic advisory and consultative support across the Tax, Legal and HR disciplines.

Justin Damer, chief strategy and services officer at Vistra, said,

"Markets and businesses today are trying to navigate previously uncharted territory. It’s incredibly tough…and we all need to work together to make the right decisions at the right time. With this in mind, our newly launched programme is carefully designed to help businesses build greater resilience through times of crisis; and to seize the opportunities that arise as the markets reopen."

Vistra’s team of global specialists across 45 jurisdictions can provide a wide range of multi-jurisdictional Tax, Legal and HR advisory services related to direct and indirect tax considerations, international expansion or retraction, workforce management, refinancing, restructuring, internal reorganisations, commercial contracts negotiation and review, board advisory and governance, supply chain management, entity simplification and all types of multi-cultural, multi-discipline considerations that accompany a business in its realignment, recovery and expansion (or retraction).

According to the initial data collected from over 1,000 industry participants from a recent Vistra survey, despite over 50% acknowledging that pandemic related challenges represented the greatest impediment to their growth ambitions over the next 12 months, only five percent said they would delay investment decisions beyond that time horizon. In fact, almost 40 percent of respondents expects delays to investment of less than six months.

Commenting on the survey results, William Douglas, chief commercial officer at Vistra, said,

“The survey results align with what we’re witnessing in the market. While we do not see many organisations making significant immediate growth plans, it is a good time for businesses to think about overdue housekeeping, as well as the need of responding quickly to address regulatory changes and managing their longer term risk.”

The ‘Act. Recover. Thrive.’ three-phased approach consists of the following:

Phase one: ‘Act’ – Focuses on helping businesses, funds and investors navigate existing disruption through immediate practical actions, such as identification and implementation of cost and risk reduction opportunities, and enhancing stakeholder value through business continuity planning and multi-disciplinary advisory support on Tax, Legal and HR.

Phase two: ‘Recover’ – Involves identifying areas of change in order for businesses to reduce risk, improve resilience and responsiveness, and implement and adapt to those changes. Services include workforce management, refinancing and restructuring, commercial contracts, board advisory and governance considerations, supply chain management, and entity simplification.

The final phase: ‘Thrive’ – Targets to help businesses, funds and investors seize the opportunities arising from changing markets and external environments, ensuring they can respond quickly to stay ahead of the competition through support on workforce management, financing and commercial, corporate governance, and supply chain management.


Vistra launches multi-disciplinary advisory programme ‘Act. Recover. Thrive.'

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