Act. Recover. Thrive.

Act. Recover. Thrive.

As the saying goes ‘uncertainty is the only certainty’ – and that has never been truer than right now.  The spread of COVID-19 and the unpredictability of the future presents significant challenges to businesses and markets around the globe.  The impact is far reaching – from disrupting economies on a global scale, impacting supply chains and consumer behaviour, to emergency legislation and altered regulation - its effects will linger.

All businesses, funds and investors will be affected in different ways at different times. Vistra works with clients via an integrated three phase approach to mitigate and address the economic, operational or regulatory impact which businesses are facing now, over the coming months and in some cases years: Act, Recover and Thrive.

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Act: Manage your business through disruption

The immediate focus for businesses, funds and investors is on delivering practical solutions, tailored to individual circumstances. We provide identification and implementation of cost and risk reduction opportunities, enhancing stakeholder value through our speed of engagement, discovery and action.

  • Business Contingency Planning you’re in lockdown, what next? workforce management, return to work communications, business grant applications; what options are available to control and manage operations, including your supply chain?

  • Using a multi-disciplinary Advisory approach of:

    • Tax Advisory  grants, loans, tax deferrals, cash tax strategies, supply chain contingency planning, inventory strategies

    • HR Advisory  support for employers and employees

    • Legal  business continuity, contractual obligations, stakeholder consents, cash flow management

Recover : Strengthen and rebuild operations and finance

Organisations need to identify areas of change in order to reduce risk, improve resilience and responsiveness, and implement and adapt to those changes. Vistra’s Tax, HR and Legal teams work in partnership with clients on:

  • Workforce management  Rapid employee return, future working state, changes to global employee mix & global mobility of workforce

  • Financing  Debt / Equity refinancing & restructuring, asset divestment & restructuring

  • Commercial & Governance considerations  Reviewing contractual options, strengthening governance including changes in board & business strategy

  • Supply chain management  Operational & commercial reconfiguration, consolidation of service providers, risk & disruption management, including associated documentation

  • Entity Simplification  Review and evaluation of legal and operating entities, entity reorganisation, corporate simplification, drafting transactional documentation

Thrive : Create competitive advantage for the upturn

Businesses, funds and investors are looking to seize the opportunities arising from changing markets and external environments. Those that can respond quickly and effectively, will ensure that they stay ahead of the competition and are able to Thrive in the ‘new normal’. Vistra’s multi-country Advisory teams work with clients on:

  • Workforce management  Employee feedback, Management feedback including on what facilitated successes & minimised disruption, documentation, training in crisis & resilience

  • Financing and Commercial  Stress test capital (incl. working capital) structure, implementing alternative financing sources to facilitate opportunities, cash & asset pooling, restructuring, renegotiating renewing contracts, streamlining vendors such as international payroll, accounting and compliance

  • Governance considerations  Board effectiveness reviews, director training, new governance frameworks, policies & procedures reviews to rebuild framework and facilitate resilience and/or rapid future growth

  • Supply chain management  Diversification / change of product & markets, Diversification of / change in third party & intra-group supply chain, Review Intra-group documentation for economic changes & tax cash leakage

Building greater resilience during times of crisis

Through our global reach, we can offer advice across the world. Experienced advisor led, we create bespoke multi-country solutions dictated by operational requirements. Whether the focus is on managing through the immediate disruption, strengthening and rebuilding operations or creating competitive advantage, Vistra can help you seize the opportunities, deal with today and prepare for tomorrow.

For more information, contact one of our experts or send an email to enquiries@vistra.com 


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