Opportunities in adversity: The future of philanthropy in the Middle East

22 June 2021
Whilst philanthropy has always been an area of interest for Family Offices in the Middle East, we're entering a new age of giving. 

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Increased globalisation, the proliferation of technology, climate change, and the events of 2020 have raised the bar, pushing philanthropy into a new realm which has led to exciting innovation and new thinking.

Our 'Global Private Wealth and the Future of Philanthropy 2021' research found that Covid-19 had an immediate and dramatic impact on philanthropic giving, with 69% of respondents in the Middle East increasing their giving, a trend that is likely to continue post-pandemic. We can also see significant changes in the philanthropic and charitable causes and a shift towards the desire for a more hands-on approach to philanthropic giving.

We will explore the changing philanthropy dynamics in the Middle East, with in-depth discussions focusing on the region's strong family business sector and the outlook for philanthropy in the region.

Our experts will focus on: 

  • How family philanthropy in the Middle East compares to other regions, highlighting main similarities and differences
  • Whether philanthropic initiatives bring family members together in the region and how it relates to the wider issues of succession planning and family governance 
  • Impact investing an increasing feature of people’s philanthropic views in the region
  • The evolution of philanthropy in general and, specifically in the Middle East; we will consider the trends driving the change and predict what philanthropy might look like in 10 years. 

Join us as we hear from our distinguished guests and focused panel, featuring industry leaders sharing their insights on the role of philanthropy in the Middle East, today, tomorrow and in the future.