Global private wealth and the future of philanthropy 2021

The private wealth landscape has been steadily evolving since the global financial crisis of 2008.

Having experienced how it had an impact on their wealth as well as their family businesses, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals have increasingly turned to professional advisers to support them with a whole range of wealth planning matters.

Amid this shift towards global ‘citizenship’, wealthy families and individuals have turned to philanthropy in order to make a real difference and whilst philanthropy has always been a key area of interest for HNWIs and UHNWIs, the global news media and movements such as those around climate change have raised awareness of social and environmental issues like never before.

For professionals working across private wealth and philanthropy, all of this may be a given – but the events of 2020, in the shape of Covid-19, pushed the industry into new territory and with it being such a catalyst for change, the bigger question became, ‘what next for Philanthropy?’.

To help answer that question, we conducted our first ever global research study – examining the attitudes of 225 HNWIs and UHNWIs towards family wealth and charitable giving, both more broadly as well as in light of Covid.

The resulting report – ‘Global Private Wealth and the Future of Philanthropy 2021’ – can be found below or if you’d like to hear our experts review the findings in more detail watch our webinar.



In this webinar, our team of Vistra representatives review the findings of our ‘Global Private Wealth and the Future of Philanthropy 2021’ report in detail, discussing the ins and outs as to why some regions may have increased their philanthropic efforts whilst others decreased theirs. 

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For centuries, philanthropy has played a significant role in how wealthy families give back to the societies in which they live and to causes that they deem important.

In a globalised, technologically advanced world, however, the shape of philanthropy is changing. In our unique global report, we surveyed 225 HNWI and UHNWI from around the world and found that Covid-19 had an immediate and dramatic impact on philanthropic giving.
Report: Future of Philanthropy

Spotlight on philanthropy’s regional differences – Middle East, UK and Jersey

Our research revealed some intriguing regional differences influencing philanthropic giving. We want to share our observations with you, and invite you to access our videos, articles and webinars, where we delve deep into trends focussing on the Middle East, the UK and Jersey. Welcome to the conversation!


What you should know

We surveyed 225 HNWI and UHNWI from around the world to understand the changes and trends in philanthropic giving. Here are just a few of the key findings:
36 %
increased philanthropic activities
in 2020
57 %
plan to be actively involved
in a Foundation in 2021
48 %
use social media
to source philanthropic projects


“There seems to be a definite shift from passive to more active philanthropy. While there has been a trend in that direction for a while, the pandemic has accelerated that thinking” - Chris Marquis, Managing Director, Global Head of Private Wealth Clients

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