A new tradition of giving: The changing shape of philanthropy


Many HNW and UHNW families we work with worldwide want to make a difference in their lifetime. Having been fortunate enough to provide adequately for their families, they feel passionate about addressing some of the world’s most significant problems. But the shape of philanthropy is quickly changing, influenced by globalisation, advancing technology and, more recently, the pandemic. So, what next for philanthropy? 

To help address that question, we conducted a global research study – examining the views of 225 (U)HNWIs towards family wealth and charitable giving, both in light of the pandemic and more broadly. 

We found that multiple factors come into play when we look at philanthropy within the private wealth sector, and we were intrigued by the regional differences influencing philanthropic giving that emerged from our research.

The traditional approach that has been applied when mapping out the role of philanthropy in the wider context of governance and succession planning is evolving. 

Spotlight on Philanthropy in the Middle East, UK and Jersey

We want to share our observations with you, and contribute to building this new picture, which we see as a developing framework of the changing dynamics which is impacting decision making and driving the new generation of philanthropy pioneers.

Access our videos, articles and webinars, where we delve deep into trends identified in the report, focusing specifically on the Middle East, the UK and Jersey.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the conversation.

Vistra coffee with…

In our ‘Vistra coffee with…’  video interview series, we are hosting guests that are creating legacies, remodelling education and helping science progress. Hear from them directly on what the future of philanthropy looks like, and what this new era of philanthropy pioneers means to the private wealth advisors’ industry as we evolve to support our clients.