CFO Podcast: Why legal entity rationalisations are more important than ever

10 November 2020
This podcast covers what’s involved in a rationalisation, what kinds of companies typically benefit from them, and more.

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A 2020 survey conducted by CFO Research and Vistra found that 61 percent of respondents were engaged in or considering conducting a legal entity rationalisation. Some may find that number surprising, but there are good reasons so many companies are undertaking rationalisations.

In this podcast, CFO Magazine’s Nick Ciavatta interviews Charlotte Hultman and Ed Novak about why legal entity rationalisations are so popular, and why they’ll likely become even more commonplace in the future. Charlotte and Ed also describe what’s involved in a rationalisation, and what kinds of companies typically benefit from them. Here are some other subjects they cover in this interview:

  • Why companies conduct legal entity rationalisations, including the top reasons given in the CFO Research-Vistra report, Cross-border operations: Regaining momentum in 2020 and beyond
  • The departments and stakeholders involved in a rationalisation
  • Why legal entity rationalisations often go hand-in-hand with M&A deals
  • When an organisation can expect to see a return on its investment after conducting a rationalisation
  • A case study involving a rationalisation