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Cross-border operations: Regaining momentum in 2020 and beyond

Exclusive report from Vistra and CFO Research


Vistra and CFO Research have partnered to conduct two revealing surveys on international expansion and operations. Senior finance executives from hundreds of companies answered questions about their expansion plans and target countries, cross-border compliance concerns and M&A activities, and more.

One survey was conducted in January 2020, just before the pandemic declaration, and the other was conducted in April. Together, they reveal the longstanding challenges of international expansion and operations, and how the pandemic is affecting finance leaders’ strategies.

A summary of the results, along with observations and conclusions from experts at Vistra and CFO Research, appear in this report. Here’s some of what’s covered: 

  • The surprising rate of companies considering or engaged in international expansion
  • Popular target countries and regions
  • Top compliance and operational challenges for multinationals
  • Why supply chains continue to be a concern
  • Top M&A target countries and reasons for M&A
  • Why so many companies are conducting legal entity rationalizations


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