Friday, 16 May, 2008

Vistra features in May/June issue of Banque & Finance.

Vistra director, Walter Stresemann is the subject of a profile in the "Leaders" section in the latest issue of prestigious Swiss industry magazine, Banque & Finance.

The article by respected finance journalist Mohammad Farrokh, discusses Walter’s work in Geneva, the town where his Nobel Peace Prize winning grandfather gave a pivotal speech to the League of Nations 80 years ago.

Farrokh describes Walter as one of "Geneva’s foremost trust specialists", a natural leader with an "innate understanding of human relations" and briefly outlines his career in the Swiss finance industry which spans over twenty years.

After acquiring "impeccable academic credentials" in both the USA and Geneva, Walter began his career with the Cantrade Group. A number of mergers and acquisitions resulted in him working for the Belgo-Dutch group Fortis. However, dissatisfied with organisational changes, Walter joined the Board of Directors at Vistra in 2007. Farrokh acknowledges the work of Walter and Vistra CEO, Bart Deconinck, in driving the growth of Vistra, which "less than two years after its formation, employs 200 people worldwide".

Farrokh’s article is a short but fascinating insight into the life and history of one the driving forces behind Vistra’s success.

Please click here for the original article in French or here for the English translation.

You can contact Walter on +41 (0)22 319 1890 or by email at


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