Stockholm | Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

Swedish Chamber of Commerce: Welcome to the UK

We are pleased to be exhibiting, for the third consecutive year, at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce ‘Welcome to the UK’ event.

This will be the first time we have exhibited since expanding to the Nordic region ourselves

Two of our colleagues, Maria Mwegerano, Commercial Director - Nordic Region at Vistra and Anthony Young, Head of Corporate Law at Jordans Corporate Law Limited will be speaking at the event. The pair will present a case study and discuss legal aspects of expanding to the UK.

This event, which is the eleventh of its kind, is for individuals or companies based in Sweden who are looking to expand their business to the UK. The event which will be held at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, offers advice and experience as well as invaluable networking opportunities. 

Please contact Maria for further information or to arrange to meet at the event. Click here to sign up for the event. 



Commercial Director, Nordic Region,


Singapore | 27 Feb