Toronto, Canada | Tuesday, 13 June, 2017

Growing Your China Business via Alternative Capital

Vistra is proud to be the workshop partner of ‘Growing your China Business via Alternative Capital’ hosted by Canada China Business Council (CCBC) on 13 June in Toronto. 

Alternative capital has become an increasingly necessary source of business financing. A common and significant issue faced by SMEs is one where their China growth strategy outpaces the assets they need to secure traditional bank financing.

The event will feature guests from a network of finance experts and others who will address the issues and concerns regarding these forms of non-traditional financing. 

Topics in this half-day workshop include:

  • Case studies to show how Chinese capital and EDC funding can be incorporated for business success;
  • Advice on an effective investor relations strategy, including what Chinese investors are seeking and how Canadian companies should present themselves;
  • Direction on reducing legal and IP protection concerns through the right deal structure;
  • Advice on pitching your company and lunchtime networking with investment mentors and Chinese investors.

To view full workshop details, please click here.


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