Doing business with Vistra in the British Virgin Islands

Vistra is the largest registered agent for the British Virgin Islands (‘BVI’), with decades of experience providing corporate and business solutions. Our knowledge, expertise, and broad range of services mean that we can help you do business in the BVI the right way, whatever your needs.

Why partner with Vistra in the BVI?

BVI's largest Registered Agent with decades of experience
A comprehensive range of products and services 
Highly qualified teams with a deep understanding of local BVI laws & regulations

Explore our broad range of BVI business services

As the BVI’s most experienced provider of company and entity formation services, whatever type of entity you need our highly skilled teams will ensure it is set up correctly.

As your business grows and BVI laws and regulations continue to evolve, our local experts and broad range of corporate services will support you to operate efficiently and stay compliant.

Benefit from our expert company secretarial services and locally resident, highly qualified directors.

Our global team of highly qualified BVI law professionals offers concise, cost-effective, and comprehensive BVI legal services for a wide range of needs, in a time zone and language that works for you.

We’re behind our clients every step of the way

We’re committed to providing a proactive approach to help a wide variety of clients navigate the unique challenges of doing business in the BVI. 

With a deep understanding of the global business environment and our extensive experience in the BVI, we are your trusted business advisor.

Meet the team

Rexella Hodge

Rexella Hodge

Managing Director, Corporate & Private Clients, Vistra BVI

British Virgin Islands

Reuben Anstock - Vistra

Reuben Anstock

Managing Director, Corporate and Private Wealth, Vistra BVI

British Virgin Islands

Debbie Wilmot

Debbie Wilmot

Director of BVI Legal Services

British Virgin Islands

Alan Hughes Vistra

Alan Hughes

Executive Director, Head of International Legal Services

United Kingdom