BVI Annual Return

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) Business Companies Act now requires all BVI companies to submit an Annual Return to their Registered Agent. Our experienced team and bespoke technology can assist you in completing this process efficiently, helping you to keep your company compliant.

Submit your BVI Annual Return with ease

We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of BVI regulatory changes so that we can proactively inform and
support clients in fulfilling new obligations. It’s something we’ve been doing for decades.

Our expertise and purpose-built technology allow us to offer a simple and efficient BVI Annual Return
filing service. Our secure online MyFormations portal provides an easy-to-use BVI Annual Return template, so
you can submit your Annual Return easily and with confidence that it will comply with the requirements.
Expert processes and technology to streamline filing requirements
Secure MyFormations portal with user-friendly Annual Return template
Confidence your Annual Return is submitted correctly
Confidently and efficiently submit your BVI Annual Return with our expert solutions