Tax efficient global entity rationalisation & re-configuration

Optimise your corporate structure, reduce compliance, maintenance, and tax leakage costs, and unlock previously trapped cash and assets.

Businesses are constantly adapting how and where they operate. As organisations look to reconfigure their supply chains, improve efficiency, transform their business through acquisition and adapt to global business trends, it’s important to optimise their entity footprint.

Rationalising and reconfiguring your entity footprint brings a host of benefits including reducing your internal administration and HR operating costs, reducing the burden on your IT, audit and compliance teams and reducing the risk of future tax and legal obligations.

Case study: Ivanti

Here’s how entity rationalisation helped leading technology and software giant Ivanti save millions. Watch the video now.

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How we can help

At Vistra, we have helped more than 400 firms re-configure their entity footprint across more than 45 jurisdictions. We can help you navigate virtually any jurisdiction’s legal and tax-entity termination rules. If you’re considering winding down, we can:
Conduct a legal entity rationalisation to determine if all your legal entities are necessary and to promote efficiencies in your corporate legal structure
provide information
Provide information and advice related to your wind-down options based on entity types and countries involved
tax clearance
Manage the tax clearance application and tax deregistration processes
entity wind-down
Manage the entity wind-down application process
offshore profits
Repatriate your offshore profits and assets in a tax-efficient way, including conducting an intra-group balance rationalisation


With our help, you can be sure to avoid delays in deregistration and possible additional compliance obligations that can come from unfamiliarity with local laws and practices.

You’ll achieve a clean balance sheet before you wind down, unlocking previously trapped cash and assets while reducing tax leakage. And you’ll emerge with an optimal corporate structure to reduce your compliance and maintenance costs.

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